Tuesday, 1 March 2011


It is bitterly cold here and I have had a frustrating knitting afternoon.  The new circular needles I bought with interchangeable points and different lengths of string are horrible!  The needles keep unscrewing and then because the knitting is on it, joined in the round, I can't screw them back up again.  I am sure the needles shouldn't unscrew themselves and fall off as you knit!

We have made an ebay purchase though which I think will be exciting!

Greeves' new feeding plan did not go well but I think I know what part of his problem is - he doesn't like the new hay.  Actually it is old hay which got rained on and we had in reserve.  Everyone else eats it but not him.  He ran over as usual when he saw me filling the rack but then took one sniff and walked off.  I think I must do the unthinkable and BUY a bale especially for him - unless of course we can, "Do a Jayne!" - I am keeping my eyes peeled!

All round today has been a bit of a moany day - and Cassie is even worse than me.  In fact Cassie is becoming a real pain with Zara.  She no longer wants her bowl, preferring the trough - or, ideally, all the troughs.  No one takes any notice of her screeching and grumbling but Zara seems to get the worst of it and she got to the stage tonight where she was chasing Zara round not letting her eat anything.  Luckily, Zara will eat from my hand so she did get some but I think Cassie is going to have to move in with Bert - Flamenco and Crispie will go with her and Prue and Sherbet can come down with Zara's group.  I think that may work better and it also separates out the firs to birth.  There she is, in the background eating.  I was lining up a lovely shot of Lina looking cute, who is there by the fence.
But then along came Bert, pushing her way in and thinking she is missing out on something!  Bert and Cassie should make a lovely pair!
Meanwhile - all sheep look fat and tired, not long now!


  1. My girls are protesting about their hay too, it is a bale we bought from the hay show. It looks and smells nice to me but they've noticed it's different - the boys are happy enough to eat it though!

  2. Thankfully I do not have any of the above problems.....!!! I have no complaints regarding the hay supply up here....its just the straw thats like hens teeth....thankfully one found me just in time !.....I shall have to go out shopping more often with the trailer !!.....exciting purchase on Ebay !....never !!.....and what about the Electric Spinning Wheel.......don't forget that one !.......Jayne

  3. Do you leave your alpacas out at night, or do you bring them into the barn? We just brought ours home on Sunday, and haven't been able to get them to come near us yet so we can walk them into the barn. Thanks!

  4. Hello, Rachele!
    Our alpacas all stay out all night, every night - even in the snow! The only time we bring any under cover is if the weather is bad and we have a new born - and it has to be really bad and the baby struggling for that! They do have field shelters but some of them rarely set foot inside! We tend to herd ours using a long bit of rope or two plastic lengths of water pipe when we want to move them - but to be honiest when you rattle the feed bucket they know what you want them to do and everyone but Harry is well behaved! It took some of ours several months before they were happy for me to sit next to them and a few of them prefer to keep their distance even now!
    Hope you are enjoying your alpacas!