Saturday, 12 March 2011


Bert is not a donkey!

I have gone a bit picture mad tonight with my new storage!  Cruella has been annoying the alpacas today by staring at them through the fence and then turning her back on them when they come near.  She is very wary of the electric fence at the moment!

Next my favourite photo of Greeves with his Aunty Islay who he sticks very close to.  In fact, tonight he almost ate a little food and he is looking far better than he has done for months.  Dude is in the background.
I think he is saying, "I love you, Aunty Izzle!"
Not sure what he is saying in this next one!
My Mule has had new tyres all round today.  It has also had a new CV joint so it is now all singing and all dancing - and I am very pleased!  But I did forget to take a picture of it!  I did take one of George though - I like to think she is looking ready to lamb!


  1. Lovely photos Rosemary, love the one of Cruella,
    bet she's a little monkey...but then all cats are.
    I'm on cloud nine to-day, feel'in a bit fluffy...
    AND, Italy turned the French over in the rugby, well, we don't win that often....! :0)
    AND, you can go as mad as you like, with the pictures....! Lovely....! :)

  2. Lovely pictures...and no sign of a Donkey there !!...Greeves is looking to have a bit more sparkle ....about him, hope you dont get any snow with lambs...due anytime soon ......Jayne

  3. Ahh lovely pics Rosemary :-) and so good to see Greeves looking much better - he looks almost chunky :-) x