Sunday, 6 March 2011

GWR show meeting and a surprise visit

Nice sunny weather today which the alpacas have all appreciated.  But, according to the Shepherd, we now need warm rain for the grass to grow.  And, as you can see from the background to this picture of Barnaby Rudge cuddling up to Alf, we need grass growth!

We had a meeting of the GWR show committee this afternoon and that went very smoothly.  There is an addition to the show this year which I think is very exciting - when it is revealed I hope others do as well.  In addition to this development, the Champions are all getting sashes as well as the Supreme Champions so I need to make a phone call to the Rosette Company next week to sort that out.  It was good to meet up with everyone again and it feels good to be part of such a friendly and hard working team.  Before we left we had to have a little guided tour of the Wellground herd  - particularly as our eyes were drawn to the Gorgeous Geff and his posings!  A little rummage in a very lovely brown fleece and then  we had to go.

Back home to feeding and a surprise visit from The Vampire Vet and his colleague who was visiting from far flung lands - they had a tour of the alpacas and sheep and we had an interesting conversation on plasma.  Luckily they were not a little earlier or they would have caught me in the middle of my halter training - we are going to have to get out of the pen soon as it is all getting a bit of a crush!

Now I am afraid the rest of the evening is going to be a battle as Sam has English Homework and I have already made him redo it twice!


  1. Tough love will appreciate it eventually...maybe not just at the moment :))

  2. You are a hard Task Master !! done twice !! I hope you are more leanient on those weanlings !!.....poor Sam ......Im sure we are getting a little bit more green up here and less muddy !.......Jayne