Thursday, 3 March 2011

Soggy Cat and A Little Plump (ish) Alpaca

Yesterday's little project went exceedingly well but is not quite at the stage to show the world - I will just say that it involves the new embroidery sewing machine which is nothing short of miraculous.  Once you have set it all up you just press start, sit there and it beavers away all on it's own - producing embroidery!  Sam seems to have some sort of psychic link with the thing as where I was slowly reading through the instruction book, he came in, whipped a few dials round, changed the foot,  muttered about the "feed dog" and away it went!  More work on that project later.

Poor Cruella, the cat, fell in the bath last night.  It had to happen some time as she does like to sit on the side and catch bubbles with her paw.  It has put her  off the bathroom a bit and she has spent most of the day trying to drive the Mule (which has a broken CV joint - which I am quite pleased about as we have to get another and the place that sells them also sells tyres so I should be getting new tyres soon!)
The day has been cold and it started a bit frosty.

But by the afternoon the sun had come out, though the cold remained.
The best news today though is that Greeves is going up again.  He has gained 800g in two days - maybe he just missed me!!  Here he is with his Aunty Islay.


  1. Good news about Greeves, and the Mules tyres. I have never seen a tyres so tired ;o))


  2. Great news about little Greeves :-)he must have really been pining for you x

  3. Poor Cruella and well done Greeves....I think I can see a little podgy belly !! An embroidery machine...what ever next !!.......we still have sun shine....!!......its fantastic, things are just starting to dry out !.......Jayne