Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Should we - or shouldn't we?

We wanted rain, we have had rain - I'm not convinced it was 'warm rain'!

Today did not go as planned.  I was supposed to be going to Irene's to take knitting and see Mrs Humphrey's cria.  As I was about to set off the Grasstrac delivery arrived.  Great, but I then needed to get it down to the barn and under cover so the trip to Ashdale had to be postponed. 

The blog title refers to one of our current big decisions we are trying to make at the moment - Should we, or should we not, offer Emily for sale?  Emily is one of my favourites, daughter of Carolyn one of our foundation alpacas - and one of our 1st place fleece winners at the GWR Fleece Show.  She is not pregnant yet (that is another decision - who to mate her to?).  On the one hand I want to keep her as a) She is a favourite b) She is the easiest alpaca to trim toenails, inject and to do anything else you might want to c) I am sure she will have a fine cria with her background on both sides - but - you can't keep them all!!

This evening the sun came out so it was on to the Westhill version of a fertiliser spinner.  Sadly, when I uploaded the photos of the automated spinner (a garden fertiliser spreader with a bit of wood for the handle and me running with it as fast as possible with Sam shouting at me to go faster in order to reach the required 11mph) I accidentally deleted everything so this is just the basic model - Carl throwing by hand whilst running!


  1. A + B + C = Keep Her.....!
    AND.....You Can't Part With Favorites.....! :)

  2. I agree....KEEP !'ll only regret it later !!.....Nice quality girls are hard to find !......Jayne

  3. For us space dictates numbers so...if you have the space and she's special to you...keep her!

  4. That picture of Carl should be a video clip. I am sniggering at the thought of him running down the hill with his arms spinning like a whirling dervisher. It would make YouTube.

  5. Another vote for keeps...but then they all end up favorites for different's a tough one...but someone who like a pedicure that's a real bonus:))