Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rummaging and fabricating at Wellground!

A very busy day today as we had a date with a Kubota!  Sam rushed back from work and we dashed to Bratton - a little late due to Sam taking his time over his breakfast at the Shepherd's.

It was just the excuse we needed to take a look at the new Wellground addition.  Carl did a bit of wiring work and we got a lovely new roller donated to us by Rob and Les!  Excellent!  Getting it into the stock trailer was a challenge but with the aid of the forklift, a  few stretchy straps and encouraging words from Les and I - in it went.  Rob showed his talents by fashioning a rather lovely knob for his new lever which operates his spinner - all very technical!

Anyway, enough of that, I had been really wanting to look at the new Wellground cria and he is a very special little lad - very lively and looking like he owns the world.  He took exception to every little bird who landed in his paddock and raced around seeing them off.  I edged closer and closer and eventually Les relented, she had no choice really, "Would you like a look at him?"  Didn't take a second asking, I was away down the run  with Les trotting along behind!  Gorgeous fleece, I am not good at describing it but I know it was good!

Then I had to take a look at High Commissioner who is another of my Wellground favourites - lovely fleece, lovely look and such a cute little thing - it really is not professional but I had to kiss him three times!  You just can't help it!

We could have stayed all day, actually we almost did as it was gone three by the time we went.  Then a rush back to feed, check waters and hay . . . .

Now it is back to spinning - which I will get the hang of, Jayne.  I have to as there are batts everywhere from Sam's batt production!

Great day, great company!

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  1. Thanks for sorting my tractor and ferti-spinner out today folks, we thoroughly enjoyed your company.