Sunday, 13 March 2011

The sun has got his hat on - sadly, so have I!

Excellent news last night from Irene at Ashdale.  I will let her tell you more but just to say she took our knitting to a show and has sold a phenomenal amount.  After my saying things had gone flat after Christmas - well, they have picked up now!!

It has been a busy day today - and lovely weather.  Carl and a friend have been fencing.
Spring has definitely been in the air - buds are bursting!

After lots of poo collecting for me and lots of moaning about his bad back from Sam, we did a bit of halter training.  My poo collecting was quick due to the Mule and his new tyres - not once did I get stuck or slide!

Halter training also went remarkably smoothly.  Barnaby Rudge is still a little nervous of his halter but Barry Norton had got to the stage where a little walk was called for - but who to take with us?  Harry and Dylan are already well halter trained so it should have been one of them but Spike, the blood giving wether, was desperate to come out.  We have never halter trained him but Sam was keen!  So Sam put his halter on - no fussing - and he was ready to be off!  I can't say he walked perfectly but he was not bad.  Little Barry was not that keen on going out but walked well coming back!  We have had a long debate over whether to show the next photo due to the state of my trousers, the fact that Barry's lead rein is a bit of old rope, and me looking enormous (I was wearing 4 jumpers as, despite the sun, it was cold).  In the end the photo stays in but the hat is to be replaced and the trousers are supposed to be in the bin tonight!


  1. Good looking boys Rosemary...and we would never have noticed the trousers if you hadn't kindly pointed them out!

    Glad to hear the knitting sales are doing well.

  2. I think the lady in charge needs a nice new overall....and I think those quality alpacas...deserve a nice lead rope....not a bit of old rope !.....apparently its all about presentation....but if you'd seen me tonight....I was soaked and looking just a glamorous as you !! Excellent news about the knitware...Im wondering if all the people who bought it are the weather up here is horrendous !!.........4 jumpers....I need a wet suit !!.......Jayne

  3. If you hadn't pointed out the trousers I wouldn't have noticed either.

    Great news about the knitwear, I hope Irene was in charge of pricing!

  4. And there's me thinking that we all wore trousers like that most of the long as we can scrub up well when we must! I wouldn't bin them until they have no more wear in them...we have even been known to retrieve things from the rag bag as "not quite finished yet!" (I do hope our friends and family don't read this, they'll be sending over all their old stuff!)