Friday, 11 March 2011

No donkeys here!

Thank you for all the advise on photos - it's all my fault I know.  I had been told to reduce the size of my photos, and I did, but obviously not enough.  Anyway, I have just had to buy more storage in the end - you are right, Judi, it will not break the bank!  It takes 24 hours for the storage to updgrade so I have photos ready for tomorrow.

All day I have been alternating poo collecting with tidying the house and knitting.  I am trying a drop stitch scarf which sounds my sort of thing but I have loops where I am not supposed to have loops - the needles haven't fallen apart though which is good.

Greeves is not only putting on weight he also looks taller - photo ready for tomorrow!

The sheep are lying down a lot which I think is an indication that the lambs are on the way but the Keeper of the Graveyard tells me that The Organist says it's only to keep their patch dry!  We gave Rammy a pedicure tonight - which he desperately needed.  Easy to do once they are rolled but rolling monster Rammy was no mean feat!  When we finished there was a dreadful commotion from top paddock - screeching and spitting.  I rushed over to see Dude rearing up on one side of the fence an Flemenco rearing on the other - she was really screaming at him and doing some serious spitting - guess she is pregnant!  Dude is getting rather frisky at the moment!

I had a very weird dream last night.  I dreamt I had taken Bert to the Futurity (it has been on my mind today - wonder how everyone is getting on?) and when we walked in the ring the judge kept shouting, "Get that donkey out of here!"  I kept telling him she was not a donkey but when I looked round she was!  When I tried to get her out of the ring she lay down and started knitting!  I woke up in a cold sweat!  Photo tomorrow to prove she is not a donkey!!


  1. Poor Bert...and what a dream....funny I've been thinking about the Futurity...but I have NOT had your dreams.....thankfully....a Donkey knitting in the ring at the Futurity...really made me laugh !! wonder you woke up in a cold sweat....Im looking forward to the photos...tomorrow !!!!.......maybe you need a lie down in a darkend room !....Jayne

  2. The thought of your dream really made me laugh, knitting donkeys good luck with that one!