Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pretty Busy!

Sorry there has been no blog - no problems, just Carl has been working in Cornwall and I have been chasing my tail trying to keep up with carding, spinning, knitting, sheep and poo!  All going well apart from the spinning but I am hoping to get another spinning lesson soon (quite a long way to go for it but worthwhile!).  The daffodils are out and summer does not seem quite so far away.

Sam has also been busy - gardening first and then rolling for the Shepherd this morning.  Not using the Wellground roller (though that has now been all welded up and is ready to go - see picture below!) but the Shepherd's big roller - once it was located as it had disappeared this morning much to the Shepherd's annoyance.

Carl did a bit of motorbike hauling and garden tractor maintenance first thing (not my garden tractor - that is running smoothly and is my second best thing to drive - after the Mule of course).  We then did a bit of toe nail trimming and body scoring.  I had been talking to Viv at Reddingvale earlier and had said that we were not going to start checking pregnancies yet as we will not be doing any rematings until May but once one group of girls was down I could not resist it.  Some good news as Lina spat like a demon.  I had doubts about her as she still likes me to rub her neck sometimes but it looks good.  Carolyn and Lily also spat with gusto so looking good for them.  The disappointment was Zara who rushed in to Dude and sat straight down!  Poor Dude, we had to haul him away pretty quickly.  Although it was a bit disappointing I have to say it was not really a surprise as she is far too pronky to be pregnant!  Never mind.  We have now decided to spit off with everyone else tomorrow just to see how things are going - no rematings yet though!  Looking forward to Bert's spit off!

The weather has been so nice that all the alpacas have spent a lot of time sunbathing or just lazing around -  mind you, Cassie jumps up every time she sees me in case I have food!

The Shepherd brought Sam back and had a quick look at my three sheep - George is well bagged up so he thinks she will be first, Angelina is starting to bag up but Stumpy is still three weeks away - he also things George has twins!  It will be very exciting seeing if he is right - I think he is!!  We are just going to get Sam's sheep moved now before it gets too dark.

. . . An somehow it looks as if we may have acquired another tractor - maybe more news on that tomorrow.


  1. Great news about Lina. Really pleased about that. The old roller is looking good too, well done Carl and Sam.


  2. I wonder where you are going for that spinning lesson....hope the journey is worth it !! ;0)

    And is that a picture of Greeves.....looking...slightly gorgeous....enjoying the sniff of Spring !!.....Jayne

  3. It's tempting...I think I am going to have to do some spit off's now!