Thursday, 17 March 2011

Roller Heaven!

Firstly, the Mule is now mended, again!  It took Carl until gone 10 last night to discover the problem.  He had the wheel off and on more times than I have changed my clothes this week.  After dunking it in the horse trough by the grreenhouse several times and finding no leaks whatsoever, and having had it explode on him as he was giving it a test drive, he discovered the problem - a hole in the rim!  Never had that before.  Anyway he has fixed it and I roared around today.  He is fencing at the moment - always fencing!  Sam, despite a bad back, is very excitable as he has a bit of rolling planned.  We had a kind offer of a roller and he has been getting his tractor all prepared - then, at lunchtime, Valtra Man popped his head round the corner and said he had dropped off half a roller for us to borrow - TWO ROLLERS - we are going to have rolling matches next week!  Mind you, Valtra Man's is very big so we might struggle on the uphill bits, of which there are many!  Wonderful!  The big roller is only for second and third fields as a) we would never manouvere it through the runs and b) have you ever tried to FEM a massive roller - once is enough!  Plus you have to do it by hand as it would destroy the vehicle mats!  I must be excited as well as there are a lot of exclamation marks in this!  Part of my excitement is getting the covers off the John Deere (garden tractor not super tractor) must mean warmer weather is on the way if my thoughts are turning to trimming nettles in the paddocks  - the little beauty started first time, then stopped as Sam had syphoned the petrol out for his quad!

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  1. What a gal...getting excited about rollers...what next! Should I add another explanation mark!!