Thursday, 10 March 2011

Only words

Another photo free blog I am afraid as I still have the uploading problem.  Has anyone else had this problem with running out of storage space to upload onto Blogger?  Maybe I blog too much!

This afternoon I collected some lovely knitting from The Flower Lady - lots of hats in various colours, a scarf with a stripe and a very wonderful jumper.  As we were talking, Big Baby (the cat who left home to live in a barn in the village) stalked past the window looking sleek and huge.  The Keeper of the Graveyard was in fine form - his 6 lamb sheep is looking big.  How many will it produce this year I wonder?!


  1. Thankfully I haven't had any that....Im looking forward to some photos....of all that knitting... soon.......Jayne

  2. Hi Rosemary, on the blog/picture issue. I always reduce my photos to 72res with a max width of 12". This reduces the file size and stops me running out of upload space. Hope that helps.


  3. My "technician" also reduces the size of the photos, as this saves space. I asked him for a suggestion but he found he couldn't delete photos either. Good news though, as apparently it's only 5 dollars a year to buy lots more space and if you reduce your photo size, this would be plenty. If he comes up with another solution, I'll let you know!