Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am blogging early tonight as I have a little project I want to get started on.  A quick trip to Dorchester this morning to collect mine and Mother's glasses - I don't like mine and they give me a headache!  I was glad we were quite quick as by the time we got back the hunt were out.  There were many excellent photo opportunities this afternoon, and the sun was out, but I missed them all as the camera batteries went flat.  You will have to imagine the pictures to go with these photo oppotunities!

1.  I attempted to get some treacle in Greeves, not having any mollassses as Jayne suggested.  I used a syringe and it went fine until Islay noticed what I was doing - she charged over and spat at me!  Islay is not a spitter and quite shy with people but she seems to be taking her Aunty duties a little too seriously - she is worse than Lina!

2.  The Hunt looked magnificent charging across the hill in full cry.

3.  The Hunt dogs looked flippin awful when they escaped across second field and frightened the sheep.

4.  I was in the middle of moving the girls when all the chaos was happening in second field so had to stop half way through and everyone has ended up in the wrong paddocks with Lina and Crispie left by themselves  in their old paddock.

Ahh well, tomorrow is another day!


  1. Ohhhh Rosemary, I look forward so much to reading your blog :-)....sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry............tonight's blog had me crying laughing!

  2. Treacle/Honey.....and to top it off....some blended carrot/apple a get the taste buds....going...with a bit of luck....he'll get the message...and hopefully you can put it on some feed !!any thing is worth a try..........typical about the Hunt and the moving scenario !!....just what you don't that particular time.....enjoy your little project !.....Jayne