Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Irene and her Little Ones

Weather has been quite glorious today and I was getting very overheated in my two jumpers on the way to Devon - I only realised at Bridport that I had the heater on full!  Devon today as I was visiting Irene and Si at Ashdale Alpacas - taking with me lots of knitting and a tensioner thingy we had borrowed from Si.

Good to see the great progress at Ashdale and to talk knitting with Irene.  She quickly solved my problem of the unscrewing needle and produced 3 scarves and a hat whilst we had coffee (or that is what it seemed like).  I also learnt how to cable so look out for a lot of cabling appearing!  Si disappeared at this point as, I believe, he is already a cabling demon.

We had a lot of alpaca chatter whilst watching a heavily pregnant Mrs Humphries from the window and then it was time to meet a few of the alpacas (p.s. Mrs Humphries is a suri alpaca, not the cleaning lady).  I was very struck with Exhibition - lovely looking animal with a great fleece.  Mind you that whole group of youngsters were gorgeous!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, the cria are looking very gorgeous, looks like the sun came out with you, glad to hear you had a nice catch up !.....Jayne

  2. Rosemary, Les needs to know who is the little dudie in the top picture ? Les needs to know.... I thinks she is smitten.


  3. Isn't he gorgeous?! Little Exhibition from your very own Close Encounter I believe!