Saturday, 5 March 2011

Yesterday there was no blog as it was The Aunt's funeral.  A sunny but bitterly cold day and lots of friends there.  The Keeper of the Graveyard was in fine form as was The Flower Lady who has, incredibly, knitted a jumper in the time it has taken me to knit one sock and a pair of gloves.  There was an extremely glamorous lady in a black hat and another in a most magnificent alpaca fur hat.  Land rover Man was looking exceedingly dapper and the Cat Lady looked younger than ever.  Good to see everyone but a shame it was on such a sad occasion - made doubly poignant by it being the same funeral directors who did Dad's funeral - I did nearly lose the plot when the coffin went  out but managed to get a grip.

Today has been husbandry day although very little toe nail trimming happened due to the mud.  Cassie, however, was the star!  What a gorgeous animal!  You barely hold her and she lifts her feet beautifully.  She was closely followed by little Barry Norton who is so good - and he is now very comfortable with his halter.  We haven't got to the leading around stage yet as I have only doing one at a time.  However, I think that, as he and Barnaby are being so good about it all, we might proceed to two at a time next week.  First of all, though, he will have to have his fringe trimmed or he will not be able to see where he is going!

Greeves has gained weight again - but still not eating the hard feed!

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  1. I have been doing a bit of toe nail trimming....also.....I have had a helper !! There are some things you just can't do on your own.......glad to hear Greeves is putting on weight....some how and nice photo.....Jayne