Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Day Well Spent

Craft night went well on the carding front - and on the knitting front - but not so good on the spinning!  Thanks to Jayne we now know which hand is supposed to move and that may help!  The carrier wool kept shooting back through the hole last night - minus any alpaca fleece!  Tonight, after a takeaway, we shall be trying again.

Today the weather has been lovely so we have got quite a bit done.  We had to go over to Mole Valley this morning to get a few things for lambing and Sam was desperate to spend a voucher he had on a shepherds' crook (if he attempts to capture me by the leg one more time it will go flyling down the hill!).  Then Carl and Sam did a bit of track maintenance, attempting to get rid of the ruts, followed by chain harrowing up in third.
Meanwhile, I was on the John Deere cutting nettles in Dude's stud paddock - it feels like summer is on the way when you start having to cut things!

It wasn't until quite late in the afternoon that I had to take my sunglasses off - first time of wearing this year - only to find I had lost my ordinary glasses.  Some time later I discovered them in the sheep paddock with Stumpy keeping guard - they were in their case.  I must have dropped then out of my pocket while I was cuddling Two Tone earlier (Two Tone likes to sit on your knee and have her chin rubbed which she is beginning to get far too big for!).  Feed time was the normal rowdy affair in top paddock with Cassie sounding like she was being killed.  She has to have an entire trough to herself (she has decided that the bowl is not big enough) so I spread it very thinly so it takes longer)
Everyone else squashes up together!

Greeves in a pen with Islay did not work and he still shows no interest in any sort of food but, he continues to gain weight!

I don't think he can see out much anymore!  Here he is with Belinda in the background.

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  1. Glad you got the spinning instructions..!! Looks like you have had a very productive day and nice weather too.....Two Tone sounds a bit like a female version of Norris ! not to mention Stumpy ! Maybe Greeves needs a bit of a hair he can see what he's supposed to be doing !!......eating !! Nice to hear he has gained weight.....somehow !! ........Keep up the spinning practice !!.......October is only 7 months away !!.....;0) Jayne