Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Bother was not the first word that sprang to mind when I saw the Mule this morning!
A flat,brand new, tyre - still with the bobbly, sticky out rubber bits on it!
A grey day on the hill but not too cold.  I tried to capture the line of tractors on the top of the Ridge but they were too far away.

I did manage to photograph some more knitting but not put it on the shop yet as I need to consult with the Pricing director now!  Here is the jumper - beautiful pattern and very soft.


  1. Beautiful jumper. The Lady in the Village is very talented.

  2. Oooh...very nice expensive...exclusive.....alpaca....jumper !!......hand crafted......Its lovely !.....and what a bummer about your nice new tyres....what going on there....then !!.....Jayne

  3. Very nice jumper, I'm sure it will soon sell!