Monday, 14 March 2011

Action Shots are difficult!

Another sunny but cold day.  In the village, when I popped down this morning, it was warm - I think the Shepherd has got his onion sets in now so things must be warming up, just hope the warmth reaches the top of the hill soon!

More halter training this evening and the star is Spike - the one we were not even planning on halter training!

I have had a bit of a photographic failure day today.  This shot is supposed to be Lily running down the hill with her fleece rippling - it does, and looks brilliant, but by the time I had got the lens cap off I had missed it
Instead of walking regally past, she scratched her bottom -

and then refused to face the camera!

Not much luck with Greeves either.  Today he was actually doing some running - not something we have seen a lot of, but as soon as the camera came out - he just stood still and did his standing still pose.  He has got a nice little 'beard' materialising though!


  1. Greeves is beautiful, so glad that he's started to run more.

  2. Aahh Greeves is looking better and more handsome by the day :-)

  3. Typical animal photography !! Greeves has a cute beard going on there....any luck on the feeding front !!.....if the weather stays fine for you....the grass is sure to be growing ......Jayne

  4. Greeves is always going to be special to me - but in reality he is just a walking hay stack and even his 'beard' is now picking up every bit of mud and hay available!
    STILL no luck on feeding front, Jayne - but he has put on another 500g in two days!