Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sammy and the Same!

Life is getting very exciting at the moment!
With the clocks changing I set the alarm for 6 .30 to check Sam had remembered about time changes for getting to work - he had and was already gone! 
Carl was also up early as he had a new motor bike stand (thank you ALF) which he was very keen to try out.  And I know, Carl's shed is like an Aladdin's Cave!

Then  it was down to Landrover Man's to collect a new tractor!  Sam was almost bursting with excitement and I think The Shepherd was glad to see the back of him - he could not stop talking and beaming - Sam that is, mind you the Shepherd was pretty smiley as well!
Here it is The Same - not much to look at maybe but it has a radio cassette player, proper air conditioning not just a window that sometimes opens and it is BIG - 4WD, 90hp, Quike loader, guide thingies and you can up and down the hydraulics from the cab!  They have already fitted something called a Speed Knob (or something like that - not really sure).

Sam is cleaning it with a small brush!  . . . and it came with a bale trailer (needs a little work).

Sam and Carl are out there now cleaning the windows and preparing to pressure wash it.  They did have a minor fire and a smoke filled cab at one point as some of the oil on the engine ignited but apparently this is no big deal and will soon be sorted.

We then had a visit from The Chippendales who roamed the hills with the dog, collected eggs and brought a very nice cheese and biscuit lunch.

Carl and I finished off the toe nail trimming, gave a few injections and then prepared ourselves for a few more spit offs - no luck for Dude!  Bert spat ferociously which was brilliant, so did Crispie, Flemenco, Belinda, Cassie (and that is the first time I have ever seen Cassie spit), even Islay spat.  Excellent!
The only mini drama was Greeves getting a bit peturbed when we did Islay's feet (his Aunty).  We have to do her feet on the ground as she gets very anxious if we try to touch her legs and Greeves got very anxious when she went away from him!

We then moved on to the boys and did a bit more halter training with Spike, Barry and Barnaby.  Spike is very good now and so is Barry but Barnaby is still a bit scared of the halter so he is still not at the leading stage.  We used Dylan as a companion for him and he was very good, as usual.  It was then time for a quick cuddle with Two Tone whilst Stumpy got jealous

They are very friendly with me but a little more wary of Carl.

Now I have to attack a few Lords and Ladies I found growing along the bank at the side of the sheep field - nasty, poisonous things.


  1. Great choice father was a SAME tractor dealer for years...Italian engineered...would have been our first choice if we could have found one.

    Good news re spit offs...sounds like a good weekend!

  2. Another wonderful day!!

  3. Excellent new tractor...sounds the business...I bet it has lots of jobs lined up already !!....sounds like another busy day also, and nice photos.....Ive got an exciting day tomorrow !!...:0) ......Jayne

  4. Ive got a feeling too....a painful one !!...but dont worry 007.5 will be there....;0)