Monday, 28 March 2011

A Lame Excuse

Last night ended on a slightly sour note.  Sam had been told to be in by 7pm to get ready for college.  I lay in the bath fuming as 7 turned to half past, then knitted and fumed as 7.30pm turned to 8pm,.  I was just about to storm across the fields in my bed time T shirt and wellingtons when he returned, "Sorry, Mum, Dad locked me in the tractor!"  They had been doing something and Carl shut the tractor door with Sam inside, it locked itself and they couldn't unlock it - this was a daft excuse as he could have climbed out the window quite easily.

Today I had a trip out to take Mum to the dentist and then I had broad beans to plant, given to me by the Keeper of the Graveyard.  Having cleaned the car, in preparation for another little adventure, poo picked a field, ordered some Grasstrac for the fields and had a jolly good feel of the sheep's udders I have reached the stage of blogging.  A bit later than usual due to a good deal of studying of photographs sent by our undercover agents - The Bond Girls!

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  1. My family tell me any excuse is better than none!!! I'm sure you will think of a suitable chore to be done in return.