Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tumbling down the bank

Wet and windy here today with a mammoth fall for me whilst climbing the bank into second carrying a barrel of water for the sheep.  As usual, I had omitted to put the lid on the full barrel of water so not only was I damaged and bleeding but I was also plastered in mud and wringing wet.  Needless to say I could find no plasters but luckily I was going to the shops anyway - so after a quick change and rub down, plasters were added to the list.

Well, one trip leads to another and at the weekend we are off on a spinning course (Sam is coming as well as he is so keen on carding!).  Hope he is better by then as he has another nasty cold and he seems unable to remember how to use a handkerchief!

Don't think anything is wrong if there is no more blog until into next week - it is only because we are spinning!  -spinning yarn as well as Grasstrac so yes, Rob, more You Tube moments!!


  1. Poor Sam...that's what happens when your parents lock you in get a chill...there is a helpline number in the phone book:))

    Hope you are okay Rosemary and good luck with the spinning!

  2. Poor you lot !...I do hope you are all well for the weekend's spreading germs round, At this rate I think a First Aid Course would be more to your advantage !......Enjoy your spinning adventure ......Jayne