Monday, 4 April 2011

We drove all night

We are back from spinning!  I am not going to tell you that we can now spin but at least we know where we were going wrong and Carl is doing quite well despite a tendency to stick his tongue out and dribble whilst concentrating.  My leading hand has a habit of gripping the fleece too tightly and we have to make use of Sam to work the foot bit or it doesn't run smoothly  - we are persevering! 
The drive back was another Aylett marathon.  We left at 6.30pm and planned to stop around 9pmbut Carl said he felt okay so we drove on a bit - at midnight it didn't really seem worth stopping - so we drove all night Despite plenty of coffee stops it id mean that Sunday was a bit of a bleary day!  The Chippendales did well holding the fort - though they did have a minor panic when they thought one of the sheep was about to lamb - only to realise that it was the ram!


  1. What an epic drive.....I hope the spinning class wasn't held there.....!! Nice to hear you are back safe n sound.....and things were ok when you were how does it look now in the cold light of day !!.......Jayne

  2. The lady in the overalls can spin a bit ;o))


  3. I am impressed...using terms like leading hand...sounds a bit stressful all this gripping and dribbling though!