Sunday, 17 April 2011

Arable farming?

Very hectic today.  This morning the triplets were alive - but only just.  They were very cold and not sucking at all.  First thing it was a couple of squirts of Jumpstart and we had a bit of recovery but for one of the little girls it was short lived.  We struggled on through the afternoon but sadly she has just died.  The other two are shut in with the ewe now and we will see how they are tomorrow.  They have been stomach tubed and have had a top up bottle so all that can be done has.  Their Mum still has not got rid of all the afterbirth but is looking a bit better so that is a start.

We did some ringing on the rest of the lambs - not the triplets - a very unpleasant job and one where all the lambs ended up muddled up so there was much bleating and charging about but everyone is now settled - right mums with right lambs.

Anyway, an unsuccesful shepherding day and one where you feel very helpless and wonder whether it might be better to become an arable farmer.  Let's hope tomorrow is better.


  1. I'm so sorry. Looking forward to seeing the lambs while they are still small, if these alpacas ever give birth.

  2. Sorry, that's sad news Rosemary. Hope the remaining two improve.

  3. Sorry to hear about the lamb, sad news, its never easy when you loose one, hoping the other two carry on improving.