Friday, 15 April 2011

Little Black Bundles Everywhere!

Triplets, twins and a single to start the day - you don't know which end of the paddock to monitor!  The triplets are very sweet and wait in line to get a feed.  The Shepherd came over this morning when he brought Sam back and was a bit disappointed in me as I hadn't latched it onto the single mum but it just all goes out of your head when you have got little black bundles appearing all over the place!  The triplets are going in the field shelter tonight with their mum.  So far there are 9 lambs - 7 girls and 2 boys, and here is Sam with one of the triplets!
He really needs his hair cut!

In between all this lambing I managed to get the fields and field shelters cleaned - and visit the shops.  Greeves, I am pleased to say, is not quite so cuddly and marches off when I go over to him so I think he is doing well!  Here he is with Cassie - Islay is never far away, you can just see her leg behind Cassie.
Now I must get back to the field as I feel another set of  twins is on the way!


  1. Really looking forward to your Blog every evening
    now Rosemary.....Lovely...! :).
    All the little black lambs, you'll be changing the name to Harlem Farm next.....! :).
    Hope your keeping your eye on Sammy Davis Junior..
    He'll be a star one day.....!

  2. Greeves is looking well...Will you be hoping for little black alpaca bundles next year?

    P.S must pay more attention during lambing live keep the shepherd happy!

  3. looks like that lambs got his daddies hair!

  4. Fingers crossed you get the same ratio of girls to boys on your alpaca births.

  5. Busy, busy, busy...the're coming thick and fast !....sounds like you are going to have your hands full !!...Greeves is looking....fine !....Jayne