Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spinning sorted (fertiliser that is!)

Very lovely sunny day today which was great but brought back the water problems.  It is not that we haven't got water, it is just that the alpacas keep wasting it!  Lina's group, the boys and Dude are fine - they just drink it.  Bert's lot are very different, they squabble over it, stand in it and kick it over.  By lunch time I had refilled three times and reverted to the summer system of lots of troughs as they cannot share!
Bert absolutely has to have her own water which she stamps in first and then sits down next to and slurps and dribbles.
Cassie spent a lot of the morning asleep and oblivious to everything.

Greeves just ate!

And Dude attempted a bit of posing - no one took any notice of him!

Then, once Carl got back, we had a bit of a rush round and then headed off to Reddingvale as Andy very kindly had offered to lend us his spinner (fertiliser spinner not some crazy spinning lady he has in his shed).  Despite the warmth of the weather I had to keep my body warmer firmly in position as I had mislaid an essential, at my age, item of clothing - doesn't matte over the field but once you get into polite company it is not on!  Andy also showed us a little something he has and I am really jealous - I want one!


  1. Andy really must stop showing people his little something ;o))

  2. Greeves looks like he is growing a bit !! Funny how the heat can cause ....water problems !! Hope you found that essential bit of equipment !.....Jayne

  3. We too have some true "water babies" and just can't keep up with them! One even manages to get her paws into the buckets hanging on the fence...we've no chance until the "to do" list goes down and we have some of those automatic things!

  4. Don't they get some funny things in their heads, I wonder sometimes where it comes from. Although filling the water 3 times would not be so amusing