Monday, 18 April 2011

Fun in the Sun

No!  I don't want to be an arable farmer - no where near enough excitement!  It's been a great day today!  The wheat would probably get mould or rust or whatever it is it gets anyway!!  We do have one or two of what we like to call 'Roger Related' problems but I have a feeling all may get better in the not too distant future.

Saw a lovely black stud on Barbara at Beckbrow's blog which inspired me, the twins (the ones that once were triplets) are completely cute - they charge over for a bottle top up, have a cuddle and then race back to Mum who stands and watches.  Her afterbirth finally dropped after another injection and she is looking perkier so hopefully the milk will flow more easily.  And then - Stumpy had her lamb!  A big lamb - born normally and the ugliest thing imaginable!! And then the boys made me have a near trouser changing incident as they tried to race the lambs down the fence.  The lambs can't get too near the fence due to electric fencing but they were clearly teasing the boys - racing up and then backing off.

 And then I had a phone call from a delightful lady interested in alpacas.  And then Sam put up an entire fence - all on his own and very professionally done! 

It didn't all happen in that order - but I am too tired now to get it all right!

AND as if that was not enough - there's the Southdown!  She hasn't got a name yet - but she will have!


  1. So glad you are back to your glass flowing over usual self:)

  2. I like your Southdown !! ...she is lovely....very cute !......Jayne

  3. Oh! Rosemary......An ugly lamb.......!
    Sure your looking at the right 'end'. :0).

  4. She is rather gorgeous that Southdown girl! She should have a posh name as she does look quite classy! Wish I has a "Sam", do you hire him out?