Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another lamb!

Early blogging today as we are hoping to go over to visit Irene and Si at Ashdale Alpacas this evening. 

We have just had another little boy lab born and he is huge!  He got stuck with one leg out and his nose.  We left it to see if she would manage but finally had to help.  a very tight squeeze for the poor girl but he came out and is already bigger than most of the older ones.
It has been incredibly warm here and we're getting through a great deal of water.  Luckily, Sam has hooked the bowser up to his tractor and is towing it round to fill all the waters.  Flamenco and Belinda have spent most of the day sitting by one water while Bert splashes them with her feet!  She has now managed to make it splash all the way up to her tummy and give Flem and Belinda a little shower on the way!

The Southdown now has a name - Grace!  It is not totally appropriate as graceful she is not due to stiffness in her back legs which gives her the most incredible odd, rolling walk.

And, finally, Stumpy's baby!!


  1. Love the name Stumpy, Rosemary.....!
    And, Grace is a nice name for a lady....!
    And, it's all look'in good. Lovely photos too.
    (No bad news please, Rosemary).
    You know what l mean...! :0).

  2. Great photo of 'Stumpy's baby'. Just look at that soft rolling skin. Longer neck and it would just about pass for an alpaca!