Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sammy Davis Junior

Another little lamb today - a little boy this time, born an hour ago.  I have named him Sammy Davis Junior, not sure if Sam agrees!   Sam is like a proud Dad over in the field, strutting around with his shiny new shepherd's crook!
Not a very clear photo of Junior, I am afraid.  His Mum is very protective and does a lot of foot stamping if we get close.  In the photo he is with Two Tone and Pugsly.  They are behaving very badly at the moment and have been head butting the poor ram every time he has settled for a little snooze.  From my very limited experience of sheep it appears to me that one sign they are going to lamb is that they suddenly get interested in the new lambs.  Junior's Mum suddenly noticed the twins just before she started and kept sniffing round them and calling to them - odd.
Yesterdays twins are doing well and getting lively.  They have just started to venture up the hill, with Mum trotting behind them in a panic!  They seem to have grown even in one day.


  1. Lovely Rosemary.....
    Give him a few weeks and he'll be singing.....
    'That Old Black Magic' :).
    Goodness me, Sammy recorded that in 1955.
    With the black twins yesterday, your well on your way to a new Soul group.
    The New Three Degrees, from Ibberton. :0).

  2. The arrival of new lambs, sunshine...Spring is here...wonderful...soon be cria time?!!

  3. Oh...the lambs are lovely !!...a sure sign of Spring......Jayne