Friday, 8 April 2011

Arching backs and star gazing

Ohh!  I think the lambs - or one sheep anyway - are on the way!  This will be a quick blog as I have to get back to have another look.  Sam is over with them now on the John Deere (garden tractor).  He has discovered that the cutting deck will go under the electric fence and right up to the stock fence which is a lot quicker than strimming although you so have to pull out and put back the electric fence posts as you go.

So just a couple of pictures from a lovely sunny day!  Little Barnaby Rudge who is gaining a bit more confidence but may need to be moved away from Spike and Alf soon as they tend to pick on him a bit.
And  an unlikely pairing - Prue and Zara.  Prue is not a great fan of other alpacas and generally keeps herself to herself, always settling for the night at quite a distance from everyone else.  However, she appears to have taken to Zara and they are quite often together.


  1. Lovely photos rosemary.....Especially of Barnaby
    Hope everyone's been watching the lovely....oooO!
    Lovely Kate Humble on Lambing Live...What a fantastic program. You can keep ALL yer soap rubbish....I could watch it ALL day....! :)

  2. I'm with Willie...Barnaby Rudge and Lambing Live...from Cumbria of course!!

  3. Barnaby Rudge is lovely...hopefully Westhill ..will be doing their own lambing the sounds of things......sometime soon.....lets hope the weather stays nice for the new arrivals......Jayne