Friday, 22 April 2011

We now own a Gremlin!

Rather a busy time here today.  The triplets Mum has mastitis which means the twins need bottle feeding and Mum has to be milked out several times with injections to follow up.  The Shepherd then came and put some penicillin tubes in her teats and we are hopeful she will recover.  Despite the twins Joint Ill they are drinking their bottles well and are desperately trying to play - though not terrifically successfully as they tend to fall over!  They also need antibiotics so I'm getting through needles quite fast.  We had a huge stuck little boy who came out with help and a little altering of leg positions - trouble is, in the process of doing this I got covered in fluid and baby now thinks he has two Mum's!  Mum spent some time licking my hands after he was born and she now seems to feel we are sisters which is a little weird in a Welsh Mountain who normally runs away from you!  We have 17 lambs all together and just my George and one of Sam's still to lamb.  The Shepherd took Rammy back home this morning as it is time for him to be sheared - I don't think he was very keen to go!

Once sheep were sorted this morning we got on to the big and scary job of the day - shearing Greeves.  He was little before and now he is tiny - and he made little bleating noises all the way through.  His fleece is a complete mess - full of hay and seeds - and now he looks like some weird gremlin, particularly once he had rolled in the dirt bath.
We also sheared Cassie, Belinda and Flamenco as they should be my first to birth and I wanted to get them done earliest.  Cassie looks very elegant now and she was the best alpaca ever to shear - so calm.  In fact Carl really didn't need anything on her neck she just lay there and seemed to know when to turn her head!  I forgot a picture of her but will do one tomorrow.  Just one of a newly shorn Belinda for now!


  1. Little Greeves the Gremlin ! Bless him !! what a good job...shearing....Carl gets 10 out of 10 !I bet your'e glad the lambing is nearly over !......Jayne