Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gazing at the views

Lovely day today - into Tshirt weather!  I have had to spend some time inside cleaning the house but apart from that it has been sheep watching and poo collecting - and I took the camera with me to get some photos.  Looks like we have only one alpaca here - just Dude!
Here come the boys - bit of a frolicking day for them.
And now nearly everyone!

Another view, looking up towards the sheep in second field.
And finally, a view over to the Shepherd's lambing field.  Trouble with this view is that it shows how bare some of our paddocks are!  Time for a move around at the weekend.


  1. Lovely views....but I know where there are some just as nice ones, from a seat under a lovely little tree by a little the middle of no where !....great place to sit and watch your alpacas !........we have had a lovely sunny day up here in Scotland !!.....Jayne