Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Been a little hectic!

I am really sorry about the lack of blogging!  Life has been a little hectic with 19 lambs charging around.  Their favourite game seems to be all trying to balance on their mother's backs.

In the end just 3 of the sheep needed help - one set of enormous twins from George who are now very healthy, and two of the black sheep who had lambs in the wrong positions.  One was a bit hairy but we managed - although she is now very friendly -!  The triplets mum developed mastitis which has meant milking her twice a day to get rid of the horrid turned milk, unpleasant but tonight we started getting proper milk from one teat.  The twins are still being bottle fed and had joint ill.  One is now fully recovered and very sweet but the other is still limping.  She limps very fast though, so I think she will be okay.  Two Tone, one of last years bottle fed orphan lambs meanwhile is becoming very jealous and likes to try jumping on my back whenever I am feeding the twins - not so cute now she is so big!  Here she is trying to look cute through the pylon!

Greeves looks tiny now he has been sheared but is no longer thin.  He is very small though!  Islay is still his favourite alpaca in the whole wide world and he has now gone off me and no longer wants a cuddle, which is not a bad thing.  We sheared him as quick as possible and deliberately tried to leave it a little longer so it is not the neatest shearing in the world - but at least all the hay is out.
So - - don't be surprised if I don't blog again until the weekend!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Hope the good weather holds out seeing as you have to spend all your life outdoors now. I know it has been stressful but it does look like fun over at your farm.

  2. Imagine how small Minimus is going to look when he is sheared!!

  3. you're glad....its nearly over..just in time for those cria to be arriving ! Then haymaking...and a little holiday..sounds great !.....Oh..and don't forget the Spinning !!.......Jayne

  4. How cute Greeves with the frilly socks...lovely photos Rosemary.

  5. 19! Fully understand the reasons for not blogging until the weekend!