Monday, 11 April 2011

Two little black ones!

We have the first lambs!  This morning, at the nice civilised hour of 8am, black twins arrived - with a quick easy birth and no need for any intervention.  Very different from alpacas.  If it had been a cria arriving all the alpacas would be up round having a look - not with these sheep.  She went off to the bottom and into the field shelter to give birth and only Two Tone took any notice of the lambs - and that was after about an hour.  They are very little and get hidden by the long grass so none of the alpacas noticed them at all until lunch time when there was suddenly a great deal of screeching from Zara who had finally noticed them two paddocks away!  Sam was at work so I rang him and he and the shepherd popped up to take a look.  Sam then went back to work where he helped a ewe deliver twins which were wrongly presented - he is getting the practise in!

So - here they are, the first lambs, two little solid black girls!  (Not sure that in the world of sheep - solid black means so much as it might if they were alpacas!)


  1. Oh! Rosemary.....Made my day....Lovely...! :)
    You must call one Whitney.....
    And, the other Aretha......
    Just like a couple of Soul singers...! :0).

  2. Very civilised indeed...congratulations on your first births of the year. Glad that Sam is getting in the practice...very useful:)

  3. So cute and they don't keep you waiting as long as alpacas. Call one Billie, I go back a lot further than Willie ;o)

  4. Chippendales said

    Great new's hope they are the first of many.

  5. Ah....lovely ! so who won the bet in the end ! Your lovely Black new arrivals......are marvellous ! will be the alpacas soon !....Jayne

  6. Grey haired neighbour11 April 2011 at 22:46

    Congratulations, Sam!
    So, the Smarties egg is no more..........?