Thursday, 14 April 2011

Twins - starting to lead Sammy Davis astray!

No more lambs yet - but a couple look imminent this evening.  Sammy Davis is getting a little more lively but his mum is very protective and does not like him playing with the twins!
He does occasionally escape from her and has a tentative look at what the twins are doing.

The twins are very lively and jump on everything - including their Mum and the Ram.  This evening they discovered the trough.

And just to show we do still have alpacas - despite them not having featured much for the last few days - here is Lily!


  1. Lovely Rosemary...Lovely...!
    He looks just like a little 'Soul Brother'.
    Did you see, on the early news this morning.
    A farmer on Dartmoor, has dyed his sheep's coats orange, to stop rustlers from stealing them. They looked really strange in the field, like bottle's of fizzy Fanta.....! :).

  2. How do you get anything done Rosemary...they look extremely entertaining...Sammy gets the vote here:)

  3. Its lovely to see them a couple of days old...exploring all the new the field......Jayne