Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A boring blog!

I am sorry but there isn't much of any excitement to say today.  The weather has been misty and rainy with a few good gusts of wind.  The alpacas are all fine and making quite a lot of use of their field shelters.  Little Greeves is getting a nice rounded back and is jumping around quite a bit which is nice to see.  Islay, his Aunty, is becoming slightly overprotective of him and rather grumpy - when Carl went to feel his back this evening she marched over in a very aggressive manner and spat straight at him!  This is not in the least like Islay and I am hoping it could be a sign that she really is pregnant.  It would be nice.

The sheep are all big and their day for the first ones to lamb is Sunday.  The Shepherd has got quite a few on the hill already, including a lovely little black and white one which looks like a miniature holstein cow - I've got my eye on that one!

Now I have a glove to finish - on our mammoth spinning drive I managed a pair and a half gloves which I thought was very good - a child to help with his English homework and a cat to rescue from a bin where it appears to be stuck!

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  1. You need to be careful..! Cat in Bin !...hope you don't make the local papers !! Looking forward to seeing your lovely new lambs....saw some today, enjoying the sun !.....glad to hear you got those gloves finished !....Jayne