Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Knockers and Smells

1. Single, very lively black lamb born this morning.

2. Little Wee (Mitzi) was spayed this morning and she was furious about it.  When I picked her up the vet said she was quiet and would not eat so to keep her quiet and not let her out for a few days.  Maybe try her on a spoonful of special recovery cat food later - but I knew, Little Wee was giving me A Look!  As soon as we got home she shot out the basket, ate an entire tin of Whiskas and three saucers of milk, shot out the cat flap before I could stop her and then spent the rest of the day following me around biting my ankles!  She is currently rolling around on the floor attacking my skirt and a pen simultaneously - she is okay!

3. A nasty smell in the bedroom - the hairdryer glowed a bright orange colour and started to smoke, I have just slung it into the garden for investigation when it has stopped smoking.

4. Really, Willie, Stumpy's baby is ugly - even worse today than yesterday.  She appears to be partly orange and with big ears!  Photo tomorrow!

5. The Shepherd gave Sam a large tin of dented red oxide which he spent most of the afternoon using to paint his trailer - - - and the chicken water bowl (by accident) and himself (hopefully by accident) - can't rent out Sam for any job involving paint - Judi!

6. Serious bottom wiping for one of the pairs of twins.  A bit of diarrhoea and sadly with the sun it dried solid blocking them up and one has a sore where it had pulled.

7.  Cassie has taken to guarding the foot water trough now so extra water troughs are being made.

8.  Carl and Sam have been over to Landrover Man's this evening to weld up 'The Knocker' for Valtra Man.  He came round this afternoon upset that he'd broken his knocker so he couldn't bang his post in - all sorted now.

Bed time, I think!  Well, after checking if any more lambs are likely tonight.


  1. 9. Not sure how to respond to above;))

  2. You really do have your work cut out Rosemary!!