Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cute booties?

Just a quick blog tonight as we have had an evening out and only just returned.  As soon as Sam returned from school Carl and I hared over to Ashdale Alpacas for a quick meet up with Irene and Si.  We raced round looking at their fabulous cria and then gorged on Irene's novel line in cup cakes - lemon ones are definitely the best!
I delivered my knitting and then proudly unveiled my idea for a new line - I think Si almost wet himself when I opened the box and peeled back the layers of tissue.  I soon realised the tears in Irene's eyes were not tears of joy at this fabulous new line.  They began as knitted booties but I had the (I now realise daft) idea of sticking them in the washing machine and felting them.  I have to admit that on mature reflection it would take a baby with mighty well developed leg muscles to be able to kick with these booties on - they were rather thick and heavy for a new born.  Oh well, have to think again!

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  1. I know the feeling...Paul thought that my felted bag was a vase!...10 out of 10 for trying.