Thursday, 2 September 2010

One man went to mow (constantly)!

Sunny again today!  Looks like it may be a good September.  Sam is not happy - school tomorrow!

I spoke to Yohav, my vet, yesterday and this morning went to pick up some Orbiven eye ointment for Greeves, who has a weepy eye, and Barnaby Rudge whose eye has been attacked by flies.  That has now been applied so, hopefully, will start to take effect.  Other than that it has been a day of alternating waste management with knitting.  I have to get a bit of a spurt on with the knitting as we are seeing Irene from Ashdale Alpacas tomorrow.  The weather was so good I could knit in the field but Sunbeam and Barry arguing got a bit distracting after a while!
Sam told me several times that he was dying - due to a sore throat - but still managed to race round attacking every stinger that showed itself!
The Great Western Region Fleece Show schedule arrived this morning and reminded me we still have to sort our fleece out.  The fleece boxes are all ready for the fleeces and Carl viewed them this afternoon so everything is hotting up!


  1. School sounds ...nice..after this hay-making...lark !!...looks like you also have had a sunny day.....hope the eyes...soon get better ...Jayne

  2. I too got my show schedule today and thought about the fleece I still have to sort!