Friday, 17 September 2010

Nearly the GWR!!

My stapling hand is now weak so a quick blog!  We have been preparing for the Great Western Region Alpaca Show all day and the box mountain soared - it all looks so impressive.  I did take some preparation pictures but I think I'll leave them till after the show or I might spoil the effect for anyone going.  The sashes and rosettes are gorgeous and everything is looking good!  Trade stands all organised - and a fascinating collection of things to see it will be.

Mum was left to look after baby and got covered in alpaca spit from Lina who was not keen on this interloper!  Greeves actually appeared pleased to see me for once when I went over this afternoon - I think he missed me!  Lina just ignored me as usual.

Now I have got to get our white coats ready, tidy up for the Chippendales who are coming to look after everything here tomorrow and be ready to be up at 5am to get animals sorted before we head off.

The Standerwick Centre at Frome Market is a lovely place - great food as well - come along, it's going to be really fun!!

There may be no blog tomorrow as we anticipate a late night with the packing up at the end,  I'll do lots of photos for Sunday's blog.
Good Luck to all who have entered!!  (I am a little over excited - but then again, you should see Rob!!)


  1. Excited ? Me ??? I've never been so exited. It's great.....

  2. Looking forward to the photos...good luck...have a fantastic day.

  3. Excellent...I wish I could be there !!...sounds great, lots of preperation and excitement !!;0)..have a great day and savour the atmosphere !!...enjoy it.....look forward to Sunday's blog....Jayne