Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'm back - sniffling but fine!

It has been an interesting, tiring few days at Westhill - and I have gone down with a cold which has not helped matters.  I apologise, though, for the lack of blogging.  Thank you for the emails - we are fine!
My troubles began with a Capital Letters problem - my keyboard started to go very funny and would only type capitals.  When I started a blog it all came out in capitals and looked like I was shouting at my readers so I had to wait until it miraculously sorted itself out after I had pushed every key and combination of keys I could think of.

Then I had to knit like a demon to meet my knitting target for Irene at Ashdale on Thursday ( still several pairs of gloves to go).  I would have got on better but so far I have three gloves none of which match and only four complete pairs.  A combination of knitting in the Mule and sitting around in a damp field then gave me a nasty little cold accompanied by aching bones which slowed progress even further.

Then I made an unpleasant discovery in the poo pile (skip this paragraph if you are eating).  I found a lot of frilly white stuff in some cria poo which must have belonged to either Sunbeam or Barry Norton.  By crawling round after them I identified it as Sunbeams' and so collected a sample for the vet.  I thought it was tapeworm but it looked a bit more pretty and frilly (rather attractive in a Predator kind of way) than I expected however, he confirmed it was indeed tapeworm and the wormer we used did not effect tapeworm.  Strange that only one had it and where did it come from?  Anyway. we gave her a course of Panacur and that seems to be fine now - more fecal sampling later!  The vet said they cope well with tapeworm but I really did not like the look of the monster pieces in her poo.

Then Greeves needed a lot of attention to get the weight to start going on but I think we are getting there slowly.  He is nearly 13kg now and runs away from me whenever he sees the bottle which is hard work but good!  Not a clear photo of him I'm afraid - he is at the front with Barnaby, Lily and Emily behind.

Carl has been very busy making new footbaths as the old ones were getting worn and one disappeared.  He also succeeded in setting fire to the vegetable bed which was quite an unexpected surprise.  The raised bed is now somewhat less elevated.

Sam has been very busy with his sheep.  He made a lovely race for them but they have now destroyed it.  Excuse the state of what was once my dining room in this photo but it is to show you Sam's latest creation!  He has made a lego contraption which attaches to Irene's wool winder so they are tensioned and he can make nice smart balls of wool quickly - that has kept him occupied for a few nights!  Don't worry, Irene - the lego is easily removable!
There is more to say but I have just been asked for some knitting advise and I know the answer - I think this means I must have misunderstood the question!!
And as I have neglected Alf's photos for a while - here is a hedgerow view for you!!


  1. Sounds as if you need a hot toddy or two!! Take care

  2. Glad you are feeling better...we missed you!

  3. Sam that tensioner is fantastic, I want one!!! Paul always complains at the noise I make when winding wool as I usually wrap round something to get the tension, which makes my spinning bobbin go banging into all sorts of things.

    Hope you are back to full health soon.

  4. Glad you are feeling better Rosemary!