Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bumper Cars

Today one of my BIG problems was almost solved - as long as Lyn The Postie is in overdrive that's sorted!  I popped to the Library Van with a quick pit stop into Mum's where a very nice new wardrobe is being constructed.  I was waved at by a rather surreal giant orange hand and then had a very anxious afternoon waiting for news of Mum's first drive out in her car.  She came a cropper first thing this morning when she became  entangled with a crop of dustbins when reversing it out of the drive.  That dented both her confidence and the bins (she doesn't have Internet so she can't read this!).  She came up this evening and she said the trip out went well (hill starts still need a little urgent work - lots of those around here!) but she went with a very calm lady beside her which helped her confidence enormously.  Thank you!!

Greeves is proving a very tricky feeder as he will not conform to a schedule.  The best way to do it is to wait until he shows signs and goes to Lina and then top him up when he finishes feeding from his Mum.  This is fine but means I have a stiff bottom from sitting in the Mule knitting and trying to accomplish other tasks.  I tried to do the accounts in the Mule but after the fifth dash to retrieve a receipt I gave up!  Quite windy today!

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