Saturday, 18 September 2010

The GWR Alpaca Fleece and Fibre Show

My feet are killing me and I have alpaca fleece in every orifice but what a great day!  We have just returned and Carl has gone for a takeaway so I am just going to give you a few pictures and tell you more tomorrow - but it was really fun and so interesting, I hope everyone else there thought so too!  I think they did from the comments we heard!
Here is the day before picture when we got everything ready including making many, many boxes!
All the trade stands were set up on the Saturday morning but we got them organised the night before.
Today Sam began to develop a bit of a brush fetish!  The fleece wall was beginning to form at the side of him.
Dominic Lane judged constantly, talked constantly and did a tremendous job.
I ran around getting redder and redder - almost bringing on the next class before a class was finished in my eagerness!
. . . but Dominic judged on with his loyal helper Carol always at his side!
We also had the invaluable help of the Mighty Derek who kept the Aylett contingent  in order.

The How To Make A Poo Briquette display also created interest - hope there are many people out there on Sunday morning playing with poo - I am going to be collecting it all day as we know have poo back up!

I really, really have to just add though that we did win two rosettes and I was over the moon - still can't believe it!  But now I have to go and rest.  More news tomorrow - including details of my lovely winners!!


  1. Well done to everyone involved - well organised and enjoyable.

  2. Well done, can't wait to hear more about it. Both you and Rob are just teasing!!!!

  3. Grey haired neighbour18 September 2010 at 23:53

    Congratulations, Rosemary!
    Sounds like a great success, well done.