Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sam's venture begins!

An early start and a lovely day today.  The hang gliders were out in force so the thermals must have been good.
Sam was wizzing around getting the electric fence turned off, putting out vehicle mats, renewing the boot wash, counting his pennies - today he chose and collected his sheep!  Exitement levels were very high and I was very glad he had an appointment with some lawn mowing later in the morning or I think he would have exploded!  The sheep settled in straight away and were soon alternating grazing and falling asleep in the sun
The alpacas were a little concerned about these black things across the other side of first field and Dude kept up a constant warning screech and charge around, tail up, for most of the morning.  They have finally settled but are still keeping a wary eye on what the sheep are doing.  Caedmon and the boys up in second were also on guard which was suprising as they are used to sheep.  I think it must have been because they had never seen a black one before!  They are very funny; as soon as they start the screech all the three sheep and the three lambs run over and stand in the middle of them.  The sheep don't look at all concerned they just graze and chew but they don't move away from the alpacas at all!

I had to pop to Shillingstone for milk in the middle of all this and as I got to the bottom of the hill at Belchalwell Cross a chicken walked across the road in front of me.  I am sure it was one of mine but I was left with a dilemma - Do I pick it up and take it home and risk being accused of chicken rustling if it is not mine or do I leave it to get eaten by a fox?  It is a long walk down the hill so part of me says it can't possibly be one of mine but on the other hand it did look like mine!  In the end it was settled for me as it shot into the hedge and across the field.  I will have to do a count tonight.

The reason I am blogging early is that we have a GWR meeting tonight and Carl is helping Mum collect some things this afternoon with a detour to sort out the thing I need for Dominic, the Judge, on the way home.  I also have an ongoing rosette collection issue I am trying to resolve - don't worry, the rosettes WILL make it!!!

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  1. Grey haired neighbour12 September 2010 at 22:12

    Well done, Sam, on your fine looking flock.
    The hill has a new shepherd!