Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Carl gets his chopper out!

The chill in the air last night affected Carl - he started chopping up logs in earnest this evening in preparation for the firing up of the log burner.  I am not looking forward to having less daylight to get all the jobs done but I do like evenings in front of the fire.

Today has been gorgeous weather and Sam and I have been making great use of our mowers to get the spare paddocks spruced up for the winter.  We set our cutters high and dealt with a few docks, stingers and that straggly dead grass you get left with.  We were having such a good time I had to send Sam down at a run to catch the library van.  I had always smiled a bit at those gentlemen with large lawns who spend ages getting neat stripes across the grass but I have to admit I caught myself, whilst trying to remember the tune to, "You can't always get what you want", endeavoring to get neat lines across the paddock.  Sam spent most of his time going backwards as his Yardman goes much faster backwards!

With such lovely hot weather today we had vegetable stew and dumplings for tea - very tasty but totally inappropriate - and Sam is still moaning about what he calls the 'brains' he was forced to eat (dumplings).  He had been very helpful up until this evening when he became very silly due to being overtired and a sore throat.  He was supposed to be getting his school clothes ready but instead of that he had been rolling around on the floor pretending to be a monkey having tried on 3 shirts all of which are at least 4 inches too short in the arms.  He has now gone down to granny's - probably to complain about being made to eat brains!

I am also delighted to report that the back of Sherbert's leg has cleared up and hair is appearing!  Two years ago the shearer cut her leg just on the back where it bends and despite lots of things tried it kept opening up again.  Well, one week of my amazing cream and it is healed!  Plus hair is growing!  Bert's ears look very white and I don't think it is all the cream.  I am not sure yet about the tops of her legs, I would be surprised if it worked there as they have had hard skin for years and years - but, something does appear to be happening!  Also the cut on Sherbert's udder is healing.  The cream is called Filta Bak and acts like a sort of second skin.  If you wanted to use it you would have to satisfy yourself it was right and safe of course but it does seem remarkable and the person who recommended it to us also says it works.  We bought a tub of it on the internet from vetscription.  I was going to do a photo of Sherbert but the batteries went on the camera so I have failed on photos tonight!

Carl has not failed though - he has nine ripe tomatoes!


  1. Thanks for that piece of info Rosemary...definitely sounds worth a go... the cream that is... not the monkey stuff!

  2. Re' Carl's nine tomatoes! we gave up counting his when we got to nine hundred and ninety nine.
    Better luck next year Carl!