Thursday, 9 September 2010

GWR getting closer!

Now my back hurts!  It has been a day of GWR Fleece Show today.  Carl zoomed home from work and then went over in the truck to pick up the fleece boxes.  Lovely and sunny when he set off but on the way back things were looking ominous.
Worrying moments - on the back of an open truck!  He got home safely, however, but then we had problem two.  Where to put them and how to get them to where we were going to put them!
After much debate and a lot of brute force Carl and Sam got part to the shed door, having negotiated the broken Honda and the not wide enough gate - but how to get them through the shed door?
And that is only the first and smallest pile!  We did manage and all the rest went into the front room which is now rather dark as they cover the windows!

At the same time I was having conversations with Peter from The Rosette Company.  We are not trusting deliveries to get these rosettes so Kevin and I are having an assignation at some point somewhere for the hand over!  Details still being negotiated!

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  1. a very...hectic time !! are having !!!....with the show prep !!......Jayne