Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Entertainment for alpacas

Greeves is getting out of his shed a little more now and can be quite perky at times.
He is not quite at the stage of joining in with Barnaby Rudge and Velocette who spend most of their time arguing!
Sam's sheep are amazing.  They take no notice of me, the Mule or the dog - except to run away if I get too close.  The Shepherd was up on the hill this afternoon and, as soon as they heard his truck and the dogs, they were up at the gate looking across at him!  Every evening, Sam has been getting the sheep into the pen and race  he has made which is very funny to see.  He opens the gate, whistles and shakes some stones in a bucket and down they all come!  They wait patiently for him to open the gate and then trot in.
The girls find this intriguing.
He then sends them through the race (several times!) and finally lets them back out through a gate set up he has made!


  1. Grey haired neighbour14 September 2010 at 22:37

    Performing sheep - well, who wouldn't want to stand and watch?
    I love the expressions of dignified curiosity on the girls' faces!
    Sam will have them running through hoops soon....

  2. I'm liking those sheep Sam...looking pretty organised as well!