Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A bit of an accident

Today it rained - lots of rain!  I forgo the pleasures of waste management as I am still trying to get rid of this lingering cold and I thought another drenching might not be the best plan.  Not much to say about the alpacas today - except that they are wet, very wet!

I forgot to mention yesterday my chicken incident at the weekend.  We were moving all the haymaking equipment round to try to get it reasonably sheltered before the winter and tempers began to get a little frayed as Carl's plan and my plan turned out to be different.  In the midst of all this I went to go back in the Mule to get Greeves bottle when Carl started waving and shouting at me.  I reversed, thinking that was what he wanted, only to have him tell me that I had run over a chicken - twice.  I had caught it going up the field and then, not realising, run over it again when I reversed.  It stumbled off into the hedge bleeding from the side of its' head and I thought it would have to be put out of its' misery later on but, at feeding time, it stumbled back out and at bedtime it had tucked itself up in the chicken house.  I did think it would not survive the night but it is still with us - wobbly and walking a bit crab like but eating well and venturing into second field.  I did feel bad though and Carl did not help by constantly calling me a chicken murderer.

The rain stopped this evening but the valley looked very spooky from the garden - lots of pools of mist.  I haven't quite got the hang of nighttime photography so this was the best I could do!

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  1. Beautiful photo, Rosemary, and thanks for yesterday's, too.