Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knit and Natter with Alpaca!

Back to normal now and a lot of catching up to do!  Poo collecting is finally up together and all shelters and water troughs have been cleaned so there is no excuse but to get back to the knitting.  As it was such a nice day I decided the field was the best place for this and there was no need of the Mule for shelter but the alpacas were a bit of a distraction.  I was just thinking this evening that I needed to get a photo for the blog when Sam appeared with the camera so we have alpaca knitting photos this evening!

From the back - Velocette, Lina in the middle and little Greeves at the front.  Lily then appeared just in time to make me lose count of the stitches.
This started to bring the other girls down.
Greeves is now 12kg and has decided grass is just as good as hay.  I am now trying to get him onto Camelibra but that may take some time! 

Sherbert, the suri, was in trouble this morning.  She like to rub on the hay rack and this morning when I went to fill the hay she had rubbed so hard it had broken free on one side and was hanging precariously over Bert's head!  Almost a calamity there - it had to be removed until Carl got home as I couldn't fix it.  It's sorted now and Carl is mowing the lawn - in the dark!!


  1. I understand...the light is better in the cria field Rosemary...some might think it is not really work...not me of course!!

  2. You couldn't sit out in the field up here...wet bum...springs to mind...knitting must be in the air...I've been busy knitting and spinning..this week..also .......in the conservatory !!...Jayne

  3. Lovely photos Rosemary.....
    Wonder what their saying to each other....
    "Hope she hurry's up, it'll be winter soon" or..
    "Have you dropped one" :-)