Sunday, 5 September 2010

Anyone for Tennis?

Big difference today between the weather in the fields and the weather at the house.  Quite nice at the house - occasional little showers - over the fields windy, quite strong at times, and chilly.  Carl was over there most of the day fencing and is now pleased to have finished the new paddock.  I am just planning the next bit of fencing for him!

We popped over to Reddingvale late afternoon on a bit of Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece Show business and to take a little peek at their animals.  They have a lovely variety of coloured animals and some real characters - one of their brown boys was particularly engaging.  There were several very nice cria and a particularly nice little fawn.  Sadly, they would have noticed if I had secreted one in my body warmer - they know all their animals extremely well!  It is always lovely to visit as there is always so much to talk about and to see - couldn't stay too long though as Greeves needed feeding and Sam does not find that easy at the moment.

Greeves is turning into a bit of a shed dweller.  He loves it in the field shelter, under the hay rack, where he sits in state stuffing vast quantities of hay into his little mouth.  He is doing okay but still not that lively until Sam tries to catch him to feed or Carl tries to weigh him.

Now I can't do a photo tonight or type much more as we have a calamity occurring in the hall.  Carl is bouncing around in his dressing gown like Martina Navratilova, trying to kill hornets which are attacking us by flying in through the cat flat.  He is swatting them with the Blackmore Vale Magazine and I do hope he has put his underpants on!  I have also been ordered to knit by Irene at Ashdale as we have now run out of gloves to sell.  I have got Flamenco's wool to knit up which means we can now have something other than grey to sell.  Yikes - a hornet is in here now and Carl is leaping around attacking the Willow Pattern on the dresser!


  1. I too am trying to get some knitting done, we are off to a new venue next weekend and I need all the stock I can knit!

  2. Playing naked tennis with hornets...sounds like you need dangerous sports insurance there Carl!