Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Carl needs hosepipe!

A very nice sunny day again but I have been chained to the Mule - knitting!  It took me quite a while to corner Greeves for his first bottle this morning, he is moving around much more now.  Most of the girls spent the day at the top of the hill either communing over the fence or sunbathing.  Bert did do a little dance at one point but other than that they all had a fairly lazy day. 

Particularly Emily who took control of the rolling pit and snored terribly!
Now Carl has gone in his shed to make something.  The reason all the fences are taking so long is the added barbed wire and electric fence fortifications and it is all getting very expensive.  We wanted to put low level barbed wire and Carl has done the first bit running from an invertor which is not pleasant if you forget to turn it off in the morning!  But he has put it on electric fence posts in front of the stock fencing.  This is fine but not very aesthetically pleasing so I wanted those screw to the post hooks.  We found them for about a pound which sounded great until we realised we would need around 2000!  Then Carl had a brainwave in bed last night.  He woke up muttering, "Must get some hosepipe!"  I have been fearing for his life all day and wondering if the fencing was getting on top of him.  But no, he has a plan!  More on this later if it works!

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