Monday, 20 September 2010

Just one more!

Sam says I can only do one more blog about the GWR or you will all get fed up with it - but I have told him I have a few more things I have to write and I have promised I will not mention Lily and Emily in this blog or it will sound like boasting.  So I will not mention Lily and Emily (gorgeous little superstars that they are!).

You may notice that a lot of my photos feature a box in the foreground - this is because I spent most of the day standing behind a box, or in front of a box, or carrying a box.There were several people at the show who arrived just before the judging started and who remained glued to their seats almost all the way through with a short break for lunch.  I really would have liked to have gone round with a little tray of ice cream like those ladies you once got at the cinema - I would have given them a free one and I really hope they won lots of rosettes (if they were entrants).  I met up with Ashill Alpacas - the place we got our first two wethers from and I was so pleased they did really well.  Sadly, Dominic didn't need to wear the special microphone thing as the acoustics of the hall were good - he would have looked so good with it on but it is a credit to the venue.  There were a good few members of the public there who came to look at the stalls and some of them came and sat down to listen to the judging which was really nice to see.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to look properly at all the trade stands but it was good to see a packed hall.  If the GWR happens next year, we haven't had our post mortem meeting yet, I think there could be even more as there is a lot of room outside which could be utilised.
Some of the classes were quite big - particularly the fawns and whites - and there were some very fine fleeces there.  Supreme Champion was a stunner - unfortunately they don't seem to have a website and I don't suppose they will read this but I send them many congratulations and hope, if we go again next year, to be able to congratulate them in person.
Now that is it - back to normality tomorrow (possibly) - and in case we have The Mighty Derek on board again next year, I shall be practising my catching skills in advance.  He kept throwing disused envelopes back hand at me - felt like I was in a rugger match at one point.  Luckily, I restrained myself from diving for his legs and bringing him down.  He managed o do the whole thing with very little movement and a completely straight face while I was jumping around as if I was being attacked by mosquitoes!

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